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US Colleges With Best Film Programs

Artistic, creative, and skillful— these are what people in the film industry are, and these days, more students want to become part of this colorful and talented industry. If you are dreaming of a career in the film industry, then you should make a film program possibly from the best US colleges that offer it. By taking a film program from one of the top US colleges, you will open more doors of opportunity for yourself.

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US Colleges with the Best Programs on Film

1. New York University

Those who dream of flying high in the entertainment industry usually start their journey here at New York University. Some of the most famous directors, scriptwriters, and producers, came from this institution and emerged in producing top-grossing films that had been seen around the world.

2. USC Los Angeles

This is the university where famous filmmakers, like Douglas Fairbank, Irving Thalberg, among others, are teaching classes for film aspirants. One of the famous students they had was George Lucas, and he is also a generous part of the school.

3. American Film Institute

This school has produced some of the top skilled people in different sections of the industry. Cinematography and speaking; students are choosing this school because they teach the best here. They also now have a good ratio of 50-50 students, male and female, attending the classes. Recently, their female graduates are among the biggest names in the industry.

4. Columbia University

This school has proven from time to time that they excel in the different programs that they have. In terms of film programs, they are considered as one of the best, because they have produced top caliber talents in the film industry today. Cannes and other film festivals are witnesses to some of Columbia’s film alumni because they always make it on top.


With the fast-growing industry, film students coming from UCLA have proven that they belong to the cream of the crop. The ability to write some of the award-winning scripts is just a peek of the reputation that this school has. Other graduates that reached the top of the entertainment sector came from this institution but never failed to give back to their alma mater.

The availability of film programs in different universities and colleges promote more careers in the film industry. This is why more students are driven to take these programs and start a fruitful career in film.

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